BPM Summer Camp #3: Five Things You Should Never, Ever Do In Process Development

This Thursday is the 3rd and last of the BPM Summer Camp webinar series that I’m doing with Active Endpoints. We’ve been keeping these light – even irreverent – but with some valuable information that you can take away and use in your own organization. This week, I’ll be presenting the five things you should never, ever do in a process development initiative; with 20 years of practical experience at implementing workflow and BPM, I’ve seen a lot of no-nos and it was a challenge to narrow it down to only five. I’m still fine-tuning the presentation, so if you have any particular burrs under your saddle in this area, let me know and I might include them.

The format will be a presentation by me, followed by an ActiveVOS demo from Michael Rowley, Active Endpoints’ CTO, then a Q&A period that will go on as long as you stick around and ask questions. Although these are nominally an hour in length, we usually end up running long because there’s so much interest from the audience.

You can sign up for Thursday’s webinar here. If you missed the other webinars that we did as part of BPM Summer Camp, you can replay #1 on Team Dynamics in BPM Projects and #2 on How to Explain BPMN to Business Users, or subscribe for free to the VOSibilities channel on iTunes.

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