TIBCO Silver Spotfire: BI/Analytics in the Cloud

TIBCO announces their cloud-based BI/analytics today: TIBCO Silver Spotfire, and you can even sign up for a free one-year trial.

This shouldn’t be a huge surprise to those watching TIBCO announcements to date: at their conference in May, “Silver Analytics” was mentioned in the general session as an upcoming product release, and they’ve made much ado about moving all of their other products onto the Silver cloud platform that this seems inevitable.

I haven’t had a demo or a chance to play with Silver Spotfire yet, but from their press release, it appears that it provides the usual sort of easy-to-use BI capabilities plus a social aspect: collaborative building and sharing of reports, dashboards and other visualizations and analytics. Spotfire has made a name for itself as an incredibly easy to use yet powerful BI platform; moving this to the cloud and adding social aspects should help to push adoption of Spotfire as well as start to make BI a bit more mainstream.

Update: There’s a short video showing the installation (yes, there’s a desktop client), data loading and web publication to get you started.

2 thoughts on “TIBCO Silver Spotfire: BI/Analytics in the Cloud”

  1. SilverSpotfire is an excellent tool! It is also free for an entire year. Ive had access to both the enterprise versions and the “lite” versions and the capabilities are very similar. The only downside is that the Silver version does not allow you to use the iPad app to share your analysis. You can however, use safari to login and share your results that way.

    In the full version you also have the ability to create frames – i used this to tie in google earth to make my geoanalytics more “wow” when showing to clients.

    Im a member of BIWisdom and if you have any questions about the tool please reach out….im almost certified : ) but have plenty of experience

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