SAPPHIRENOW Photo Caption Challenge

Last night, after a couple of drinks at the SAPPHIRENOW reception, Oliver Marks and I cooked up the idea that it would be fun to make up captions for the huge photos that adorn the Global Communications Center and the rest of the show floor. The photos are really beautifully photographed, but the compositions are a bit weird at times.

#SAPPHIREnow caption contest #1 #SAPPHIREnow caption contest #2 #SAPPHIREnow caption contest #3 #SAPPHIREnow caption contest #4 #SAPPHIREnow caption contest #5

Have some fun, click through to the photos on Flickr, and add your caption as a comment (you’ll need a free Flickr account in order to comment).

Update: a late addition to the caption challenge, which some consider to be the best of all:

SAPPHIRENOW photo caption challenge #6

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