Vacation pause

For those of you who were kind enough to comment on blog posts from the BPM conference in Ulm last week, my apologies for being so late to approve the comments: I’ve been on vacation in Switzerland and Germany since then, and mostly off the internet due to being in small towns with crappy wifi coverage. To give them credit, the towns do have great wines, cycling along the river, boat rides, 15th century castles, all the schnitzel you can eat, and a number of other good points. 🙂

The short version of the trip report: after leaving Ulm (which was a really great place for recreation as well as an excellent conference), I headed to Zurich for the weekend to visit a friend, stayed in the old town on the east side of the river, visited the old cathedral, climbed a small mountain, went for a boat cruise on the lake, and went to a piano bar where I experienced a minor dancing injury (and I wasn’t even dancing). I then returned to Germany to spend a day in Baden-Baden and visit the incomparable Friedrichsbad Roman-style spa, then two days in Cochem on the Mosel River, complete with a 4-hour hike to Burg Eltz, a view of a castle from my hotel room and some lovely local wines, before heading back to Dusseldorf.

I’ll be getting on a flight home in a few minutes and back to work tomorrow, but will be jet-lagged so don’t expect too much witty repartee.

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