Mashup Camp IV, Day 1: Opening Session

A slow start, in spite of the announced 8:30am start time, and a smaller crowd than I remember from last year’s Mashup Camps, but a few familiar faces and lots of enthusiasm in a low-key sort of way. Like every unconference that I’ve been to, there’s a few minutes before the grid of sessions starts to fill up when I’m convinced that this is all a great waste of time, then people get up and propose interesting sessions, and I’m hooked.

David Berlin is our able host, as usual, and Kaliya Hamlin is facilitating the Open Space concepts for us, providing a bit of education on how an unconference works and getting people up in front of the room to propose sessions and sign up for speed-geeking.

You can keep an eye on the sessions grid here, which should eventually have links to notes from the individual sessions.

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