BPMG… I mean, BPEE Conference in London

I received an email this morning about the upcoming Business Process Excellence Exchange (BPEE) conference organized by IQPC in London this October — obviously replacing the BPMG conference that they used to organize. The only problem is the speaker list, which has both Steve Towers and Terry Schurter listed as being with BPMG.

You’d think that the conference organizers would have figured out a bit of what’s happening (or not happening) with BPMG these days, since they had to actually change the name of the conference from last year…

2 thoughts on “BPMG… I mean, BPEE Conference in London”

  1. According to the latest BPMG missive, the conference is now cancelled. Although BPMG was always a commercial venture, there was a bit of a community building around it, and it’s a waste that that’s all gone now — I can’t see people transferring that to Bennu any time soon.

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