Smart (Enough) Systems

James Taylor of Fair Isaac has co-written a book with Neil Raden called Smart (Enough) Systems, and it releases this week. I had the pleasure of receiving an advance copy a couple of months back, and wrote a brief review that might be included somewhere buried in all that small text at the beginning of the book that no one ever reads. 🙂

The subtitle of the book is “how to deliver competitive advantage by automating hidden decisions”, and it highlights how it’s critical to embody more intelligence in today’s business decision-making and have consistent, automated decisioning built into business processes in order to remain agile and competitive in today’s fast-moving market. They take you through the core concepts of enterprise decision management (EDM), dive into the underlying technologies, then address how to integrate EDM into your business processes to create your own Smart (Enough) Systems.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and James and I are trying to set up a time to have a more in-depth chat about it; stay tuned for that.

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