IQPC BPM Summit and Girl Geeks

The IQPC BPM Summit starts today in Toronto; unfortunately, I’m in Detroit and won’t make it to the conference until tomorrow, where I’m speaking in the afternoon on “Enabling BPM Through Technology”:

  • The differences between BPM and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
  • How BPM and SOA work together
  • Emerging BPM standards such as BPMN, BPEL, XPDL and BPDM
  • The impact of social networking (Web 2.0) on enterprise software such as BPM
  • Expected social networking features to appear in BPM software in the near future

I think that it’s kind of funny that they have me listed as a “Blog Editor”; I think that “blogger” still created a weird image in a lot of people’s minds.

I’m also speaking tomorrow night at the first Toronto Girl Geek Dinner, modelled after the ones in London. They’ve asked me to speak on the challenges that I’ve had a woman in technology and running my own business(es); not sure how I’m going to keep that to 30 minutes. 🙂  As with all Girl Geek dinners, men are welcome but must be accompanied by a woman so that we keep the ratio to at least 50:50.

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