All webinars, all the time

Two weeks ago was my week for webinars, I did one with TIBCO and another with Savvion in the same week.

The Savvion webinar topic was Ignite the Spark! How to Stop Talking and Start Doing BPM Today, and we created an interesting format that I really enjoyed: I did a short presentation, then Rob Risany (their director of product marketing) did a short presentation, then we just opened it up for a “fireside chat” (keeping on the spark theme) before diving into the Q&A.

Rob and I have met at several events in the past and the conversation has always been lively, so I felt that this would be a good way to get some ideas out there in an open discussion. I was more or less leading the conversation, but we ranged far and wide, and mostly agreed on some of the ways to just get started in BPM without a ton of IT support and without a huge budget.

The replay of the webinar is at the link above, and I wrote a white paper to accompany it, although I’m not sure where Savvion has that for distribution (can someone add the link in the comments to this post?).

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