TUCON: Me and Tim Stephenson

In the last session of the day, hence the only thing standing between the attendees and the bar, Tim and I gave a talk on business process modelling. My portion of the talk, which was not at all TIBCO-specific, talked about modelling for the masses; I’ll publish it here when I get a chance. Tim followed on with information about the new release of Business Studio, and how it’s used for process modelling. Tim and I met via email about a month ago when we were getting this all set up, and on Sunday we finally had a chance to meet face-to-face. In spite of our short time together, we’re pretty aligned on most of the issues, so had some pretty good synergy in our talk.

I feel sorry for Tim, as I do for anyone who presents after me, since I tend to get really carried away with what I’m talking about, and I went over my 20-minute allotment of our 40-minute presentation. 10 minutes over. I had a great time, however. 🙂

Tim went into many of the details of process modelling in the TIBCO Business Studio environment, and showed some particular BPMN examples that can be tricky to understand, such as gateways and events. It looks like they’ve done some nice work of creating process fragments — design patterns for portions of a process — that can be easily inserted in at any point in a process to save time. He also discussed their concept modeller for business domain modelling, allowing you to create an enterprise common object model using formal UML notation. He also had to shore up the damage that I did by slamming the lack of round-tripping by most BPA and BPM vendors.

That’s it for today; we’re all off for drinks at the evening reception, then I have dinner with some of the product marketing team which will give me a chance to pump them for information about what’s coming up.

Tomorrow promises to be interesting — the BPM track is packed with winners, so I’ll be stuck in this same room with the crappy wifi all day, but promise to emerge occasionally and publish what I’ve written.

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