Emerging Trends in BPM

I wrote a guest column for the Savvion December newsletter on Emerging Trends in BPM; you can find it here. In it, I talk about four areas of ongoing significant change in BPM: the interrelationship between SOA and BPM; BPM standards; the spread of process modeling tools; and the impact of Web 2.0 on BPM.

2 thoughts on “Emerging Trends in BPM”

  1. Would you say that a process perspective on design gives another result than a service perspective (trying to avoid the classic top-down vs bottom-up discussion)?

  2. Jonas, I think that a big part of the process versus service perspective on design is similar to top-down versus bottom-up perspectives. However, I think that a process perspective is more likely to involve more of the business and their concerns, and focus on processes that span the enterprise and its trading partners. Many top-down designs still focus on a silo, whereas a process perspective on design forces a wider view.

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