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I gave a webinar today sponsored by camunda on developer-friendly BPM, discussing the myth of zero-code BPM. I covered the different paradigms of BPM development, that is, fully model-driven versus process models and code, with some pointers for how to evaluate the different approaches within your organization – it’s not a simple one-size-fits-all decision for most large companies with complex application development needs.

I also wrote a white paper on the topic, it will be posted on the camunda site soon, as well as a link to a replay of the webinar.

Update: the webinar replay is here and the white paper is here. Registration on the camunda site required for both.

In the meantime, you can see my slides here:

Jakob Freund of camunda co-presented with me, his slides are here:

One thought on “Developer-Friendly BPM”

  1. Thanks for a great webinar.

    As a former BPEL-developer the zero-code myth was not that striking, even though we sometimes teasingly heard from developers – “BPEL is just drag-and-drop programming”. But anyone who has worked with a BPEL stack knows it totally outcompete any Java application in terms of architectural challenges. Keeping it simple though and interacting with other model implementations such as a rules engine or a task processor will not just give great technical advantages compared with Java monoliths, but also the important benefits from business and IT-alignment through the common view of a model.

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