EnterpriseCamp, the unconference edition

Assuming that the logistics can be worked out, we’ll be having an unconference edition of EnterpriseCamp in Toronto on Saturday, January 13th. You can find out more about it, and sign up to attend, here. From Bryce Johnson‘s description:

This is going to be a different focus then our regular events. This event focuses on enterprise software infrastructure, solutions and development. Topics could include Enterprise 2.0, Business Intelligence Applications, ECM, Collaboration, Employee Self-Service, Enterprise Search, Technology Infrastructure, Workflow Automation.

I’ve put my name down to attend, and will come up with something that I want to talk about soon, likely along the lines of how Web 2.0 concepts and technologies are impacting BPM. If you’re in Toronto, or close enough, consider signing up and dropping in.

We’ve had smaller Enterprise 2.0 Camp type events in July and November, and there’s obviously a lot of interest in the subject.

One thought on “EnterpriseCamp, the unconference edition”

  1. Your topic sounds great Sandy. I have a friend that is looking forward to talking to you because he works in BPM. My wife is starting a new role in her job as a BA for enterprise workflow applications like Captaris. I hope she will come out as well.


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