Office 2.0 no, Vision 2006 yes

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, so I was off for four days at the cottage. Now, I’m blogging in a hurry while I’m waiting for my airport taxi to arrive. However, I’m not headed for San Francisco; in spite of the hoopla about the Office 2.0 conference this week, I’ve decided not to attend in favour of going to Proforma‘s Vision 2006 conference in Las Vegas. Ismael belatedly offered me a speaking spot at Office 2.0 on a technical panel, but it didn’t really fit what I felt that I had to offer and I declined. I probably would have attended anyway, just to float in the buzz, and I do like San Francisco a whole lot more than Vegas, but Vision 2006 is much more aligned with what I do and write about.

I haven’t been a big user of ProVision in the past, although I think that it’s a great product. There’s much more importance being placed on process modelling and enterprise architecture in my consulting practice these days, and the conference has a great lineup of BPM speakers.

I’ll be blogging from the conference, assuming that there’s any sort of decent connectivity. The hotel information said that they had dialup internet in the rooms (eeek!), so if that’s all that’s available, I’ll be hunting around for an internet cafe close by.

Although I won’t be at Office 2.0, I have contributed a podcast to the Office 2.0 Podcast Jam about Web 2.0 and BPM — a topic that I spoke about recently at the BPMG conference in London. Subscribe to the Jam’s podcast feed and listen to all the podcasts, there’s some great ones being published all week.

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