Grow up, guys

I just finished moderating today’s Gartner/Appian webinar on ebizQ, which means that I did the intro at the beginning, then moderated the Q&A at the end. On ebizQ webinars, audience members can ask questions through a typed chat window, and then I (as the moderator) can review them and pick out ones to ask. I also throw in a few of my own, especially if the questions are a bit slow coming from the audience.

Today, we had a sophomoric jerk from another BPM vendor decide to pollute the Q&A with a bunch of really stupid questions that had nothing to do with the webinar content, but were just personal jabs at Appian. I’m not revealing the name of the vendor because I don’t think that they deserve the publicity, but to the person in question, you have to realize that you acted like a complete moron, and my respect for your company just dropped through the floor. Maybe my opinion doesn’t mean much to you, but keep in mind that Jim Sinur from Gartner was also a speaker on the call, so had access to see all the questions that came up, and who asked them.

2 thoughts on “Grow up, guys”

  1. I am do you know this jerk wasn’t impersonated by someone who has a grudge against the guy’s employer? Not too far fetched of a scenario, especially if it’s a disgruntled ex-employee.

  2. Jason, I don’t know that it wasn’t an impersonator which is partly why I didn’t publish the company’s name, but ebizQ could probably provide me with the full name and email address (which are required for registration) and I could check it out, if I were really concerned. It seems like a pretty elaborate ruse for something that is only seen by the three of us who were on the call, however, which tends to make me think that the information is accurate.

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