BPM and business rules webinar

This fall, I’ll be back at the Business Rules Forum to make a presentation on business rules and BPM, but next week you can catch me online on a Business Rules Forum webinar speaking on the same subject:

Process improvement is a top priority for executives today, but business process management (BPM) alone doesn’t provide the whole answer. Although BPM does enable process improvement, it often doesn’t provide sufficient agility for today’s business processes.

To build for change, it is necessary to integrate business rules with BPM. This integration allows you to manage the decisions within your business processes, and easily modify those rules without recoding or changing the business processes.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the business process management lifecycle, and how business rules can be integrated within it to greatly improve process agility. It also discusses how you can apply business rules consistently across multiple business processes and other applications.

Regular readers know that I’m a big fan of mixing business rules and BPM for maximum agility in your processes, and this webinar is an introduction to why you would want to do that, and how it works.

4 thoughts on “BPM and business rules webinar”

  1. I do, although I believe that the term “rules” is better understood even though it’s less inclusive.

  2. Where is the list of vendors that provide Business Rules engines / solutions? I think I heard something about that in the presentation.

    Thank you. Jitka

  3. There are many BR vendors, but if you take a look at which ones that Forrester reviewed recently for their vendor comparison, that likely covers the majors: CA, Corticon Technologies, Experian, Fair Isaac, Haley Limited, ILOG, Innovations Software Technology, InRule Technology, Intelligent Results, Pegasystems, and SAP. Their assessment:

    “Forrester evaluated 13 platforms from 11 vendors using 175 criteria and found ILOG JRules, Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor, and Pegasystems PegaRULES to be resounding Leaders as general-purpose business rules platforms. Haley Limited (Haley Expert Rules), Corticon Technologies, and Innovations Software Technology also emerged as Leaders, and InRule Technology followed close behind.”

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