Who’s the dinosaur now?

Do you hate the Microsoft “dinosaur” commercials as much as I do? If so, you’ll love the skewering that they receive at the hands of the Economist‘s illustrator this week, accompanying an article entitled Spot the dinosaur (paid subscription required):

The article, of course, discusses the world of online software and what Microsoft is doing — quite late in the game — to join the party.

2 thoughts on “Who’s the dinosaur now?”

  1. Sandy,
    Most of the articles we see on the web and print report that Microsoft is quite late in the game for SaaS,Actually Microsoft was actually offering it’s products as a service through it’s channel partners for product like Dynamics(CRM) and thru ISV’s(product developed in MS Platform). They even provide product discounts and hosting services if the product is a service, they are doing this for some years now. As analysts and media is watching google(Writely)and salesforce, microsoft is slowly building a strong foundation for SaaS by utilizing channel partners and existing distribution channel. I feel other than salesforce and microsoft all other companies are late in this game.my 2 cents on this 🙂

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