My 10 geekiest moves so far this month

It’s not even mid-month, and I’ve been a total techno-geek. To wit:

  1. I hooked up my new video iPod to my TV so that I can play video podcasts on the big screen, without using a proprietary Apple cable.

  2. I installed Blackberry Messenger so that I can IM on my Blackberry. As if regular email, PIN messaging and SMS aren’t enough.

  3. I signed up to go to MashupCamp in California next month.

  4. My boyfriend found out that I’m going to California next month because he read it on my blog.

  5. I uttered the phrase “sometimes I think about going back to coding”.

  6. I installed the Firefox X-Ray extension so that I can see the html tags on a page without viewing the source code.

  7. I downloaded ubuntu.

  8. I moved almost all of my bookmarks into

  9. I loaded Google Local for Mobile onto my Blackberry and I can’t stop grinning and showing people the map directions. Then, within two hours, I convinced three other people to load it on theirs, and gave two of them an in-person tutorial.

  10. I’ve spent the last hour browsing open source shopping cart solutions that I can customize for my wine-tasting club.

Maybe it’s something in the air for 2006?

3 thoughts on “My 10 geekiest moves so far this month”

  1. Bring on the techo-geekery!

    Wow. I thought I was travelling far to get to MashupCamp, but your Toronto trumps my San Diego.

    I look forward to talking to you at the workflow integration session. I designed a workflow-based integration product a while back, but now I’m doing mashups and APIs. Should make for a good discussion.

  2. Sandy,

    I’m going to call 2006 the year of “Tech is Back” (OK, thats not very catchy, but work with me here). I’m up to my eyeballs in tech again, and very soon now in a very professional way (or, as professional as I can be, anyway).

    I guess I’m a follower, and not a leader, since I’m signup 217 for MashupCamp, and you’re 120. I’m very much looking forward to attending, and seeing you there. I think the Apple store is nearby… I wonder if we know anyone who can get us the employee discount (grin).


  3. Two comments on a blog post, both by guys named Chris — weird.

    Chris R, I just have to say that you totally underestimate the desire of Canadians to go anywhere outside our borders when winter sets in. I know that the Bay area isn’t exactly balmy in February, but I’ve never seen snow there that time of year.

    Looking forward to seeing both of you at MashupCamp.

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