Forrester webinar on Enterprise 2.0 strategy

Really wanted to be on the Socialtext-sponsored Forrester webinar today on Enterprise 2.0 strategy, but one minor logistical problem intervened: they didn’t provide the password in the confirmation or reminder emails. I’m listening in on the call, but it’s not really the same without the visuals.

Obviously some people did get on, since they mentioned at the beginning that they were waiting while people joined the WebEx, but Susan Scrupski Twittered that she didn’t receive a password either.

Apparently it will available for replay, I’ll have to catch it then.

2 thoughts on “Forrester webinar on Enterprise 2.0 strategy”

  1. Sorry about the confusion. We had huge interest in the event that sort of overwhelmed us. We will be sending out link to full archive of event plus the slides in next 48 hours… -JB

  2. Jeff, thanks for the follow-up. I registered several days in advance, and received both a confirmation email at the time plus a reminder email an hour before the event. However, both of them linked to an old event — I had to go poking around on the webex site to find the correct one — and neither included a password.

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