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I’ve been invited to move this blog over to ebizQ, where I’ll join David Linthicum and a few other integration-minded bloggers. No, I’m not selling out — I don’t get paid for blogging, and ebizQ has no control over my content — it’s just a symbiotic relationship where we both (hopefully) benefit from greater exposure. I’ll keep this location available since my previous posts won’t be moving over.

I’ll be redirecting my FeedBurner feed, so for those of you who subscribe to that feed, the change should be transparent. If you visit my blog directly instead of through a feed, or if you use the Atom feed, you can link to my Column 2 domain which will redirect you to my blog’s new home to get reconnected. Thanks to the internet services director at ebizQ, most everything on this blog will move from this Blogger template over to that Movable Type template, including my blogroll, links to the Column 2 Frappr map and my Squidoo BPM lens, and my Technorati search form and profile link (if you visit my Technorati profile, you’ll see this blog as “Column 2”, and the new blog as “Column 2 – ebizQ”). All of my other non-blog links are already on my BPM links, the links page on my corporate website or Squidoo.

Please be patient over the next few days while we get any last wrinkles ironed out.

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