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I grabbed an invitation a few months back to participate in the beta for Squidoo, the latest Seth Godin project. I haven’t had much time to do anything with it, but a few things prompted me to go back and fiddle with the BPM “lens” (portal) that I created on Squidoo: first, there was an email that came out from some anonymous prat on the Squidoo beta team that threatened to nuke my lens if I didn’t do something with it, which was promptly retracted in a second email from Seth himself — that at least had me think about it again (which may have been the carefully crafted intent…hmmm). Second, I was playing around with moving my bookmarks into del.icio.us, and after adding a number of BPM-related links to my list, I linked through to other people’s lists with the same links to see what else that they had of interest and found that David Ogren‘s list had a link to my Squidoo BPM lens on his list. Yikes! There’s nothing that kicks me into action faster than having someone watching me.

I’m not sure what direction that I’m taking it in, but for now, my BPM lens is a variety of information related to BPM that I use as a reference, and may be of use to you as well. Click here to check it out; I’ve organized the following modules so far:

  • An RSS feed of all blog posts with the Technorati tag “BPM”. I check this daily, since the explicit tagging means that it filters out all of the music and prenatal references where bpm=beats per minute, hence much more valuable than a regular automated search.
  • An RSS feed of this blog. In general, I likely won’t put other blog feeds on the lens since I link to them on my blogroll.
  • A set of links to BPM standards-related sites.
  • A set of links to BPM informational and reference sites.
  • A list of BPM and re-engineering books on Amazon, most of which are in my personal library. I’ll try to add more descriptive information about the books in the future.

If you’d like to suggest something to add to it, just drop a comment or email.

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