CamundaCon 2023 Day 1: Connectors Demo

When a customer presenter was unable to attend at the last minute, Joe Pappas stepped in and gave an impromptu presentation and demo on building connectors. The Camunda Marketplace (formerly the Community Hub) is the place for some of the expanding shared resources that Jakob Freund spoke about in the keynote: there’s one section for Camunda-provided connectors, one for those provided by partners, and one for those from the community.

Joe walked through some of the connectors that he has built and published, showing the code and then demonstrating the functionality. You can find his connectors in the Community section of the Marketplace, including NATS inbound/outbound, email inbound, file watch inbound, and database inbound from Postgres or MongoDB. Not much to write about since it was mostly a code demo, but cool stuff!

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