BPM Summer Camp Is Starting!

As the weather gets warmer, don’t you just naturally think of BPM? Okay, maybe that’s just me.

I’ll be presenting on a series of three webinars for Active Endpoints over the summer, starting this week on Thursday, that we’re calling BPM Summer Camp. First up: “Team Dynamics in BPM Projects: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Forced Marriage,” in which I’ll discuss what it takes to make a great cross-departmental BPM team, and some of the challenges that you might face in building that team.

We’ll do live Q&A at the end, and I’ll warn you that Active Endpoints will keep the session going until all the questions are answered (last time, we ran over by 30 minutes), so you might want to plan a bit of slack in your schedule. They always make their webinars available for replay afterwards on iTunes; just search for VOSibilities on iTunes and subscribe to the free podcast to get both audio and video podcasts, including webinar replays.

2 thoughts on “BPM Summer Camp Is Starting!”

  1. Sandy, following your logic around our “bpmcamp” (www.bpmcamp.org) – shouldn’t this be branded w/ the vendor name 😉 activeVos Summer Camp?

    (okay, I’m just ribbing because of your comments to that effect about our bpmCamp – i think bpm summer camp sounds just fine. )

  2. We’re using “camp” in the traditional “summer camp” sense, not in the unconference sense – this is not an unconference at all, just a webinar series that we hope is a bit like attending summer camp.

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