Transforming Digital Transformation: A Panel on Women in Tech

I’ve been asked to participate in a panel in honor of International Women’s Day on March 15. Sponsored by Camunda and Infosys (and technically by me, since I’m giving my time and effort to this without compensation), this panel brings together actual technical women: nothing against women in tech marketing or other non-technical roles, but this is the first “women in tech” panel that I’ve been on where every single one of the non-sponsor participants has a degree in engineering or computer science, and has worked in a technical role at some point in her career.

I’m honored to be invited to join this group of trailblazers in the tech world to discuss the challenges and experiences for women in technology.

Regardless of your gender, the topics that we will discuss have an impact on you. Technology and automation are huge drivers of innovation, and companies are starving for good technical talent, regardless of gender. In fact, women in technology and leadership roles foster diversity, collaboration and innovation in ways that result in higher revenues for companies. Yet with an environment that seems a natural for encouraging more technical women, many companies still toss up barriers, from hiring biases to an unfriendly “bro” culture.

Register at the link above, and tune in on March 15 at 12:30pm (Eastern) for our live discussion with Q&A to follow.

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