Aligning BPM and EA Tutorial at BBCCon11

I reworked my presentation on BPM in an enterprise architecture context (a.k.a., “why this blog is called ‘Column 2’”) that I originally did at the IRM BPM conference in London in June, and presented it at the Building Business Capability conference in Fort Lauderdale last week. I removed much of the detailed information on BPMN, refined some of the slides, and added in some material from Michael zur Muehlen’s paper on primitives in BPM and EA. Some nice improvements, I thought, and it came in right on time at 3 hours without having to skip over some material as I did in London.

Here are some of the invaluable references that I used in creating this presentation:

That should give you plenty of follow-on reading if you find my slides to be too sparse on their own.

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