bpmNEXT 2019 wrapup: coverage from others plus my keynote video

Finally getting around to going through all of the other coverage of bpmNEXT, and reviewing the video of my keynote.

This is the first time that I’ve presented these concepts in this presentation format, and I definitely have ideas about how to make this clearer: there are some good use cases to include in more detail, plus counter-use cases where a microservices approach doesn’t fit.

All of the presentation videos are now available online, check out the entire playlist here.

Kris Verlaenen from Red Hat, in addition to presenting his own session on automating human-centric processes with machine learning, posted his impressions in five posts. He also went back and updated them with the videos of each session:

  • Day 1, covering the two keynotes by Nathaniel Palmer and Jim Sinur, and the initial demo session by Appian.
  • Day 1 Part 2, covering demo sessions by BP Logix, Minit, Cognitive Technology, Kissflow, Wizly and IBM.
  • Day 2, covering my keynote, demo sessions by Trisotech and Method & Style, and a panel on decision services and machine learning.
  • Day 2 Part 2, covering demo sessions by Bonitasoft, Signavio and Flowable, plus a panel on the value proposition of intelligent automation.
  • Day 3, covering demo sessions by Serco, Fujitsu, Red Hat (his own presentation) and SAP, wrapping up with the discussion on the DMN TCK.

Great coverage, since he and I sometimes see different things in the demo and it’s good to read someone else’s views.

Keith Swenson wrote a summary post for the three keynotes including some detailed criticisms of my keynote; I’ll definitely be reviewing these for improving the presentation and reworking how I present some of the concepts. He also wrote a post about the DMN TCK (technical compatibility kit) efforts, now three years in, and some of the success that they’re seeing in helping to standardize the use of DMN.

Another great year of bpmNEXT.

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