Selecting A Business Process Maturity Model

Several months ago, I participated in a research survey about business process maturity models, conducted by Amy Van Looy of Ghent University. It was pretty interesting, since I haven’t worked all that much with formal BPMM, and the incredible number of them available was astonishing. She sent me some additional information on her research and the models that were being considered, then yesterday, I received a link to an online tool that she and her colleagues have created for selecting a BPMM.

It takes about 25 minutes to go through the 14 questions, and will present you with a short list of business process maturity models (from the 60 included in their research out of an original field of 69) that might fit your organization. If you’re thinking about adopting a maturity model to help you gain better control over your business process improvement efforts, this is definitely worth a look (and it’s free).

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