Making Social BPM Mean Business

When I owned a boutique consulting firm in the 1990’s, our catchphrase was “Making Technology Mean Business”, and when we were coming up with a title for the webinar that I’m doing with Pegasystems next week, an updated version of that phrase just seemed to fit. We’ll be discussing the social aspects of business processes, particularly in the context of case management. I’ll be expanding on a discussion point from my Changing Nature of Work keynote at BPM 2011 to discuss the social dimension and how that correlates with structure (i.e., a priori modeling), triggered in part by some of the discussion that arose from that presentation. As with the spectrum of structure, I believe that there’s a spectrum of socialness in business processes: some processes are just inherently more social than others (or can benefit from social features).

Interested? The webinar is on Tuesday at 11am Eastern, and you can register here.

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