The Changing Nature of Work

I’ve been completely remiss with my blogging this week at the academic/research conference on BPM this week in Clermont-Ferrand, France. This isn’t for lack of good material from the workshops and presentations, but I’ve been a bit busy preparing for the keynote that I gave this morning:

I really enjoyed the discussion afterwards, both in the Q&A and at the break later. There is quite a bit of research already happening in the areas that I list as “unsolved problems” (by which I mean, generally unsolved in commercial products), and I gained some good insights on removing the boundary between what we now thing of as structured and unstructured processes.

There is a bit of Twitter action going on at the conference, using both the hashtags #BPM2011 and #BPM11, with Michael zur Muehlen leading the pack on live-tweeting my presentation.

2 thoughts on “The Changing Nature of Work”

  1. Thanks, Greg, I liked your suggestion for the collaboration spectrum that you put directly on the Slideshare deck.

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