IBM IOD Keynote Day 3: New Possibilities (When They’re Not Blacked Out)

So there I was, in my hotel room – where the wifi actually works – watching the IOD keynote online, when the video went offline during the Michael Lewis/Billy Beane talk.

I understand (now) that there are copyright issues around broadcasting Michael Lewis and Billy Beane talking about how analytics are used in baseball, but it would have been great to know that it advance: I may have headed on the long walk down to the crowded, noisy, wifi-challenged events center to watch it in person. Instead, I’m hanging out, hoping for a speedy return of the video feed, and really not knowing if it’s coming back at all. Kind of like a scheduled system outage that your sys admin forgot to tell everyone about.

I’m headed for the airport shortly, so this was my last (and somewhat unsatisfying) session from IOD 2011. Regardless, there is definitely good content at IOD, a great conference for customers, partners and industry watchers alike. I also had the chance to meet up with many of my old FileNet colleagues (where I worked in 2000-2001 as the eProcess evangelist, in what I usually refer to as the longest 16 months of my life), some of whom are still at IBM following the 2006 acquisition, and some of whom are now at IBM business partners.

My major disappointment, this morning’s keynote blackout aside, was the cancellation of the 1:1 interviews with ECM executives that were scheduled. I think that being here under the blogger program (which designates me as “press”) rather than the analyst program (which is how I attend the IBM Impact conference, and most other vendor conferences) somehow has me seen as being less influential, although obviously my output and take-aways for my clients are identical either way.

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