Getting Started With BPM: A Series

I’ve been working with Steve Russell, SVP of Engineering at Global 360, to create a series of articles on how to get started with BPM. Since this is sponsored content, I won’t publish it here, but will point you over to a link each week when it is published on

This week, we introduce the series with a short description of each of the upcoming six articles:

  • Picking the right first process
  • Gaining business buy-in for project success
  • Ensuring user adoption
  • Structured versus unstructured work
  • Measuring success
  • Moving to wider adoption across the organization

We’re not wedded to these ideas (although I’m already working on the first, so that’s unlikely to change), and if you have ideas of things that you’d like to see included in the series, add a comment here and we’ll work it in if possible.

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