Planning the Fall BPM Conference Lineup

It’s been a quiet summer for travel – I haven’t been on a plane since June – but my fall travel schedule awaits:

As of now, I don’t have any other definite conference plans for the fall, but there are lots of possibilities and tentative invitations:

  • Intalio|World, October 5-6 in San Francisco
  • Forrester’s Business Process and Application Delivery Forum, October 7-8 in Washington DC
  • SAP TechEd Berlin, October 12-14 and TechEd US, October 18-22 in Las Vegas
  • IBM Information On Demand, October 24-28 in Las Vegas
  • IBM CASCON, November 1-4 in Toronto – it’s not BPM-specific, but it’s a good conference and is local for me

I keep a calendar of all the BPM-related events that I hear about, mostly for my own reference but I have made it public:

If you have something that you’d like to add to the calendar, add a comment here or email me directly. I typically do not include webinars or other online-only events, since that would tend to crowd out the physical events.

Note that you can view this in Week, Month or Agenda view using the controls at the top right. If you’re a Google calendar user, you can add it to your list of calendars using the button at the bottom right, which will allow you to see it overlaid on your own calendar.

5 thoughts on “Planning the Fall BPM Conference Lineup”

  1. I had no idea about the BPM World Convention! Shocking, seeing as it’s in London… will find out more! Thanks for the pointer.

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