BPM Summer Camp Again This Week: Explaining BPMN to Business Users

I’m presenting part 2 of BPM Summer Camp tomorrow, June 9 at noon ET, on How to Explain BPMN to Business Users. I’ll be joined by Michael Rowley, CTO of the series sponsor, Active Endpoints.

In this edition, we’ll be looking at BPMN as a standard, and what parts of it are really necessary for business users and business analysts. There’s been a lot of controversy lately over whether business users and analysts can – and should – learn enough BPMN to make it useful to them, or if there should just be some other process modeling paradigm for non-technical people; tomorrow, I’ll look at just how much BPMN they would have to learn in order to make it work.

As usual, this will be presented live, and we’ll keep going until all of your questions have been answered. Sign up at the link above, and see you tomorrow!

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