BPMN In The Real World Slideshow

Webinar done, we’re just on the final Q&A; I saw about 170 people logged in at one point, a pretty good turnout. The replay will be available on the VOSibilities blog or on iTunes.

Here’s my slides, with the “Process Model Hall Of Shame” removed:

As I mentioned in the presentation, there are a lot of great resources on the BPMN standard; my presentation was about how people are actually using it rather than the standard itself.

2 thoughts on “BPMN In The Real World Slideshow”

  1. Taking the “Process Model Hall Of Shame” is like taking the sugar out of the cake.
    The “Process Model Hall Of Shame” is probably the most delicious bit and the most instructive. Is there any chance we could get to see it?

  2. You can see them in the replay (posted today), although at fairly low resolution. Although I redacted all the customer-specific information, I don’t want anyone too embarrassed by their process models.

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