BPM Acronyms

I had a request from a reader for a list explaining the various acronyms that I use in these blog posts, and around BPM in general. I’m sure that there are several lists like this, but I’ve pulled together a starting list and have opened it up by creating it in a Google spreadsheet that anyone can edit.

Please go ahead and edit the Google spreadsheet to add your own here, or to make any corrections to the list. I reserve the right to edit or delete any inappropriate entries.

2 thoughts on “BPM Acronyms”

  1. Thanks, Sandy, for following up on the suggestion. Hopefully you’ll eventually be able to turn this more into a wiki-like collaboration forum for developing more in-depth descriptions and discussions behind the acronyms and their subject matter.

  2. For now, it would be great to see others adding items to the Google spreadsheet (anyone can edit it) while I figure out how to nail a wiki onto the side of my blog 🙂

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