Life rarely happens on script

My ability to think on my feet was put to the test when the Webex server went down 15 minutes into the process discovery webinar that I was presenting for TIBCO. I was merrily clicking along through my slides as I talked, not realizing that no one could see what I was talking about; the slides were pretty sparse and there were only 6 of them with any real content, so not a great loss, but I might have worded things differently if I had know that I was flying blind.

The best part was the Q&A: since we had no text Q&A capabilities, we had to do live phone Q&A, where the operator queued people up and let them ask their questions live on the phone one at a time. I actually liked that since it made me think on my feet, but the down side was that we weren’t able to triage the questions ahead of time to make sure that they were relevant to the webinar content and the audience. We only had one off-topic question (about TIBCO’s product, which was not covered at all in my session), and the rest were spot on. The last one was on standards, and I went off into a bit of a soliloquy about BPMN, XPDL and BPEL that probably had the attendee regretting that he asked the question, but the feedback has been pretty good so far.

TIBCO is rushing the recorded version of the webinar to get it out this afternoon for you to listen (and watch) a replay and download the slide deck. There are two more webinars that I’m doing in this series, Process Modeling on July 11th and Process Design on August 8th; I’ll be sure to offer up a suitable sacrifice to the Webex gods before then.

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