Enterprise 2.0: AIIM’s State of the Industry Study

Dan Keldsen and Carl Frappaolo of AIIM gave a quick review of the recent AIIM study on Enterprise 2.0. Their first finding: age doesn’t really matter, culture does. Finally, someone else who sees this: I’m so tired of the view from people my age who make it an age issue when really the issue is that they’re not adaptive to the Web 2.0 culture. I also liked that the study classified me as “gen X” rather than “boomer”.

Other than that, I found the talk a bit content-free, but there’s not a lot that you can do in 10 minutes.

One thought on “Enterprise 2.0: AIIM’s State of the Industry Study”

  1. Hi Sandy – I thought I saw you in the crowd, will have to actually meet up in person before you fly back out of Boston!

    Tough challenge for us to pull the key nuggets and hammer them into 10-15 minutes, but glad we were able to pull SOME useful bits out for you. Age is a state of mind, I’d say! 🙂

    Of course the keynote was a teaser for what I hope is useful content, in the 90 pages of our Market IQ on Enterprise 2.0. If *that* is content-free, I’ll hang up my hat – it is however FREE content. Available at http://www.aiim.org/enterprise20 for those who want more information.

    Hope to see you at the conference, and otherwise, in the twitterverse!


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