TIBCO Analyst Summit: Corporate Vision

Next up was Vivek Ranadivé, CEO, with a summary of where the company came from and some vision for the future: Enterprise 3.0 (yes, he actually said that), focused on event-driven SOA, predictive analytics and the business processes that use them.

He sees their superior technology as key, but feel that customers also gravitate to them because of their neutrality: a direct dig at IBM — who he believes is both not neutral and has inferior point-to-point event technology — and at BEA being acquired by Oracle (although rumors continue to fly in the industry about who is going to acquire TIBCO, and when).

Although this session was billed as "strategy and vision to remain a leader in the current market of consolidation and competitive pressures", I didn’t hear a lot about how they plan to do that, except for a "we’ll sell more because we’re better" sort of statement.

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