ProcessWorld 2008: Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer Keynote

I had completely forgotten last year’s jazz performance until Dr. Scheer arrived on stage for his keynote toting a saxophone, and had a quick session with bass, keyboard and drums before starting the keynote.

His presentation focus was on a framework for business performance management: a holistic management concept for improving performance and profitability of a company via two BP(e)M [Business Performance Management] wheels. He started with a content wheel that included several of the dimensions along which to consider business performance management initiatives, through three phases of market maturity (roughly, pre-2000, 2000-current, and future). For example, “objects”, or the artifacts captured to drive the frameworks, has shifted from data to processes, and is starting to move to events and rules.

He moved on to a technology wheel model, covering various aspects of application architecture, as they moved from standalone process models to tight integration with ERP packages — which effectively acts as the business process execution layer — to the emerging generation of model-driven business software.

He overlaid these wheels with areas covered by classical BI and BPM to show the gaps between ARIS and other classes of products, and showed how it could be used for evaluating process improvement efforts to date within an organization.

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