ProcessWorld 2008: Opening Keynote

Charlie Doucot, head of IDS Scheer’s North American operations, opened the conference by talking about their growth in the past year, particularly in their new and growing partnerships with Microsoft and SAP. SAP has a huge presence at this show — one of this morning’s three tracks is “process-driven SAP management” — and I’m looking forward to seeing more of what they’re doing together, especially since it now looks like I’ll be attending SAPPHIRE in May.

Thomas Volk, president and CEO of IDS Scheer, talked to us briefly about the rise of the operational CEO, who

  • sets objectives prescriptively
  • manages accountability objectively
  • monitors execution constantly
  • sees potential problems early
  • makes adjustments regularly

in order to return shareholder value, increase market valuation, grow the top line, and mitigate risks. He sees ARIS as providing “corner office command-and-control of the operational strategy”, which I think is a great phrase to describe how today’s executives need to keep an eye on what’s happening in their organizations at a high level.

I missed the press briefing this morning (through no fault IDS Scheer’s excellent press relations, but through my own inability to read a schedule), but there were a number of announcements there as well. From their press releases:

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