Upcoming BPM events: the Great White North edition

The BPM vendors know that none of us like to travel much over the holiday season, and send a deluge of invitations to webinars and local seminars instead. Here’s a few that are coming up:

BEA recently had the analyst firm Harte-Hanks Aberdeen Group conduct a survey on how BPM is being used effectively by the best-in-class organizations, and is holding a webinar to discuss the results next Wednesday, December 19th, at 2pm Eastern.

On January 9th, ebizQ is hosting a webinar on the new paradigm for business intelligence — collaborative, user-centric, process-embedded. Sponsored by SAP, this features Don Tapscott and two other speakers from New Paradigm, a think tank that was just acquired by BSG Alliance (a company name that always makes me think about Starbuck and Apollo), and the BI team manager from Molson. Given that Tapscott and his colleagues are Canadian, a beer-themed BI event seems appropriate. In case you missed the brilliant “I Am Canadian” Molson ad campaign a few years back, you can watch it below as a warm-up for the webinar:

If you’re eager to get out of your office, Fujitsu is hosting live seminars in Toronto and Ottawa in January: Toronto on the morning of the 22nd, and Ottawa on the afternoon of the 23rd. These will be fairly introductory, with an introduction to BPM and some ideas on quantifying ROI, plus a demo of Fujitsu Interstage. I just found out that the speaker will be Carl Hillier, a friend from my FileNet days and a very passionate and knowledgeable speaker. However, I’m pretty sure that Carl, a Brit who’s spent the last several years in southern California, is not ready for Ottawa’s January weather — does he know how people get to work in the winter there?

On a logistical note, BEA was the only one that provided a link to add the event to my Outlook calendar in the confirmation email: if I have to do this manually, I forget to do it half the time.

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