Gartner 2007 Magic Quadrant for BPMS

So late in the year that I was sure they were going to call it the 2008 edition, Gartner has released their latest magic quadrant report for BPMS. Pega, undoubtedly proud to be at the very top right of the chart, is offering it for free (registration required).

I haven’t had time to review it in detail, but it seems that the top right quadrant has become incredibly crowded this year, with 10 participants, after the 2006 quadrant that removed all but four players from it. Note that the 2006 MQ came out in January 2006, giving almost a 2-year gap between reports; I suspect that Jim Sinur’s departure from Gartner earlier this year may have disrupted the schedule a bit.

There’s a few new (to me) vendors on the chart, like AuraPortal, and a few vendors that I’ve know for a while but haven’t seen on the MQ before, like Intalio.

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