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I attended a webinar today featuring Ralph Rodriguez of Aberdeen Group discussing their recent survey on how BPM drives ROI. The webinar was sponsored by BEA, so he presented the data sliced to show responses of BEA customers compared to the overall pool. Unfortunately, he turned it into just a shoot-out between BEA and the other large stack vendors (IBM, Oracle, TIBCO) rather than a true examination of the market and what the numbers mean: way too much of “oh, look, BEA ranks higher in the survey than TIBCO on ETL” rather than why ETL is relevant to the market. He also sees the market as having converged from EAI vendors and document-focused workflow vendors, completely ignoring the pure-play part of the market that emerged around 2000 and grew into many of the leaders in the BPMS space today.

I’d love to see the full results of the survey rather than this highly-filtered — and not very informative — view of them.

Update: Gabriel (in the comments) posted that the replay for the webinar can be found here.

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  1. Aside from the link that I provided, which was the one for signing up for the webinar before it ran, I have no idea. Try using that one to see if it provides a replay, or check the BEA website.

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