ALBPM together with other BEA products

A couple of updates on last week’s post about BEA’s ALBPM:

  • Peter Laird of BEA has published a how-to on integrating ALBPM into WLP (WebLogic Portal), specifically how to use the ALBPM user interface as portlets. He thoughtfully includes both a link to the official integration guide as well as his notes on how to actually make it work.
  • ALSB (AquaLogic Service Bus) now provides out-of-the-box integration with ALBPM. I picked this up on a CBR news feed as well as BEA’s press release; it appears that this brings the design-time environments closer together. The CBR article claims that this allows you to store ALBPM processes in the ALSB repository and orchestrate them directly using the ESB environment, although it’s not clear to me that that’s a step forward in terms of aligning business and IT.

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