California bound

I’m attending Mashup Camp on July 17th-18th, then staying on in the Bay area for the BPM Think Tank on the 23rd-25th. If you’re going to be at either of these, let me know or look me up when I’m there.

Any suggestions for what to do in the intervening three days are welcome.

One thought on “California bound”

  1. I’m in SoCal so don’t know the Bay Area as well but here are some thoughts:
    – drive through Hwy 1/Pacific Coast Hwy to Monterey Bay, Carmel, 17-pt mile (don’t remember exact name), Pismo Beach, etc., for a scenic drive & stay at one of the quaint towns along the way
    – go to Napa Valley, Russian River, etc. for wine tasting & great food pairing
    – visit Lake Tahoe: I’ve been there during snow season but heard it’s lovely in the summer with tons of activities if you’re into outdoor recs. It borders Nevada so you can literally walk over for bountiful buffets & try your luck at one of the casinos.

    Bon voyage & keep blogging! Nice job on the ahhmm…Bibco webinar yesterday.

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