Today’s webinar: The Business Value of BPM

Great webinar on the business value of BPM and BPM standards today on ebizQ, and I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the speakers. 🙂 The full replay should be available tomorrow at the same link. If you attended the live seminar today, there was a technical glitch just before the Q&A where we had a bit of dead air, so if you dropped out at that point you can go back tomorrow and hear the full replay.

In listening to the replay, I realize that I talk WAY too fast — I was conscious of the short time that I had for my part of the presentation, but this has always been a criticism when I make presentations and I have to force myself to slow down, especially when introducing a lot of new information such as the alphabet soup of BPM standards. As weird as it might sound, I get excited talking about this stuff and tend to talk faster.

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