Pega SmartBPM 5.1

Yesterday’s Intelligent Enterprise included a review by Derek Miers of the new Pegasystems release, which includes an AJAX-based portal for process “development” as well as runtime environments, although the actual process design appears to be done in Visio. Please, all you BPM vendors, just stop telling us that it’s too hard and give us zero-footprint, browser-based process designer!

There’s also a laughable understatement at one point: “Although a business user will probably be unnerved to see the underlying Java code exposed in the configuration dialog…” — no kidding!

3 thoughts on “Pega SmartBPM 5.1”

  1. Yeah – I thought it was laughable too … but I couldnt be too harsh … at the end of the day it is easy enough to preclude business users from seeing it.

    In future, I’ll make sure I run anything more I might say past your BS filter … ;-/

  2. I would like to ask a somewhat offtopic favor and would appreciate if you could in future blog entries talk about the notion of securing BPM which hasn’t been much discussed.

    Any thoughts on which vendors will support XACML in their engine?

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