Bifurcating BPM, Batman!

My reading is a bit behind due to my recent travel, and with my feed reader sitting at just under 3000 unread items, I tend to ignore the magazine feeds in favour of reading blogs. Today, I went back through the unread Intelligent Enterprise items and found The Bifurcation of Business Process Management, which has very little to do with bifurcation except for one sentence in the summary; probably the editor just likes the word. 😉

I don’t agree with everything in this short report from Ventana Research: they state that BPM is still in its infancy, but suggest creating a 3-year architectural blueprint for BPM; if the technology truly is immature, then a 3-year plan would change so quickly as to be obsolesced within a year, wouldn’t it? Also, the phrase in the recommendations, BPM technology, by failing to maintain pace with Web services technologies, is not ready for prime-time enterprise SOA applications is a generalization that I just don’t believe to be true.

I’m left with the impression that the author is not all that knowledgable about BPM, which doesn’t leave a particularly good impression about Ventana.

2 thoughts on “Bifurcating BPM, Batman!”

  1. Hmm! I see what you mean Sandy. I think Ventana’s technology focus (such as it is) is primarily BI and the Business *Performance* *Monitoring* (or Management) incarnation of the BPM acronym, and this may be causing someone some confusion somewhere…

  2. Understandable that they position BI as the saviour of BPM. I’ve read some of their stuff on BI but nothing much on BPM. Too easy for analysts to try to branch out into other technology fields without sufficient experience and be left looking a bit… not ready for prime time.

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