Wrapping up Mashup Camp 2

David Berlind is wrapping up the whole conference now, and we’re all anxiously awaiting the announcement of the “best mashup” winners. He made a few comments on the wiki and how it will continue to evolve, especially over the next few days while people finish up the last few notes and also continue the discussions in the forums that are linked to each session page. I’ll probably link my blog posts about each of the sessions to the specific session page when I get a chance. If you’re interested in any of the sessions, check out what’s on the wiki pages, including the links to external references and any of the presentation materials (and, in at least one case, an audio recording of the session).

On the first count, there was a tie between WeatherBonk and another mashup that I hadn’t even seen with 26 nickels each, followed by a flurry of people rushing forward with their nickels at the last minute resulting in…. a tie with 28 nickels each. David then made us go to each side of the room to indicate our support, resulting in a slight edge for the winner, WeatherBonk. Handing out of prizes ensued, and we finished the day — and the conference — on that note.

Next Mashup Camp will be on the east coast, I think later this year.

That’s it for Mashup Camp; regular blogging will resume shortly.

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