ABPMP in San Francisco

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about our startup meeting of the Toronto chapter of the ABPMP. I checked around for the other North American chapters and have now found myself invited to the inaugural meeting of the San Francisco chapter next Thursday evening. Paul Harmon of BPTrends will be speaking, which should be interesting; I always enjoy his online writing.

Before you surmise that I’m a complete travel junkie (which I am), I had already planned to be in San Jose next weekend for BlogHer and fly in mid-week to spend a couple of extra days in San Francisco (one of my favourite cities), making the timing perfect for the ABPMP meeting. Time and place as provided to me by the chapter organizer are here on Upcoming.org; note that the address on the ABPMP website is incorrect.

If you’re in the Bay area and are interested in business process improvement or business process management, you should consider dropping in for the meeting — it’s free and open to all. You can also check out the chapter’s Yahoo Group, although it doesn’t appear to be very active yet.

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